The BigWheel Band

    BigWheel  Mike-Lead Vocals,guitars,keyboards.        Jay Groove-Drums,Back vocals.        Chris "The Man"-Bass,back vocals. 

Like your favorite Rock Radio station, Only Live!



The back story with The BigWheel Band starts with Mike, Jay and Tony. Originally named "No Self Control". We had success with our original music. Songs like "Angel", "Train", and"When I die". This was the beginning of something great! But as usual sometimes bands don't work out like planned. Jay had to go Over The Road as a truck driver just to make ends meet. Tony had to work weekends so it would be hard for us to gig. It just didn't work out. Eventually, Jay landed a day job,  We went through a few players and finally found Chris. When we meet with Chris, Mike moved from Bass to Lead Guitar and Jay still on drums we settled in and created our album "American Made". And from then on The BigWheel Band was on a roll! The BwB has played out on big stages such as The Rave, Halfaer Field(Miller Park), G-Daddy's, Veteran's Park, Hal's Harley, Suburban Harley, Hogg Alley,and many more, and performing events like New Years Polar Plunge, and  Milwaukee Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary! We also played a floating stage in the middle of the lake! WTF!?!?!? Crazy, but we made it out alive!  Reliving old school Rock and Roll, The Bigwheel Band still remains original and new school in it's approach. We love to entertain with our big sound, tight rhythms, and great vocals. Our success is with our single, "Runaway" and other great songs, which was played on FM 102.1 and other stations.  Be sure to check us out LIVE! and be ready for a wild ride on The Bigwheel!


, Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 414-412-3748